We All Pledged Allegiance

There is a song that has been sung over and over at the graduation ceremonies since the early days in Athi River. The hot sun notwithstanding, all graduands stand, raise their right hand and sing “I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb” by Ray Boltz and the 37th graduation was no exception. Listening to this song gave pause for thought I never heard before yet I sung the same song many years ago. I was asking:

  • grad cards 1What does it mean to pledge allegiance?
  • How do we live this out in our daily lives?
  • Have I really pledged allegiance and lived it out?
  • Have I influenced others to pledge allegiance and live out their lives?
  • Who can I count on as my travel companions on this road?

In the weeks following graduation we have had great moments of interactions with the Alumni that have further given me pause for thought. I have found that indeed the commitment to our faith is real and many of them are living it out. The reality is that I had no doubt they were living it out, I just wondered how they were doing it and what lessons we could all learn from them.

To pledge allegiance it to make a Clear Choice:

It is a solid and unwavering choice to follow God. It will require that I spend time with God, hear his voice, share what he teaches us and growing in my faith. It is a choice to remain in him even when life is ‘hard’ or challenging. To remain loyal and faithful for the whole journey

To pledge allegiance is to Believe:

It is to hold onto the word of God without doubt, second guessing or wavering. To believe is to remain steadfast in the knowledge that everything God says is true and will come to pass at the appointed time

To pledge allegiance is to remain Dependant:

It is to rely on God for everything. Reliance on God is to give Him space and the first opportunity to answer the questions and give direction. Full dependence means that we do nothing without consulting Him on the way to live and the way to move.

To pledge allegiance is to Count The Cost:

It is understand that once we are committed to God, there are things in our lives that must change. It is to let go of the reigns of life, hand them to God and allow Him to steer the course and outcomes of our lives. It is to understand that we will never be the same and be comfortable with that.

To pledge allegiance is a Growth Process:

It is to grow deeper in love with God every day, follow Him more nearly and share Him more willingly. It is about increased intimacy and connection. It is new every morning.


I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb, by Ray Boltz

I have heard how Christians long ago
Were brought before a tyrants throne
They were told that he, Would spare their lives
If they would renounce, The name of Christ
But one by one they chose to die
The Son of God, they would not deny
Like a great angelic choir sings
I can almost hear their voices ring

I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
With all my strength, With all I am
I will seek to honour His commands
I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
Now the years have come, And the years have gone
And the cause of Jesus still goes on
Now our time has come, To count the cost
To reject this world, To embrace the Cross
And one by one let us live our lives
For the One who died to give us life
Till the trumpet sounds on the final day
Let us proudly stand and boldly say

To the Lamb of God who bore my pain
Who took my place, Who wore my shame
I will seek to honour His commands
I pledge allegiance to the Lamb


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  1. I’m Elizabeth Mbithe Kalii, a Daystar University Alumni, graduation class of 1996.I am currently working with Water Resources Management Authority -State Corporation in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Muranga County.


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