Living From The Mouth Of The Grave…

twongyeirwe 4One morning we were sitting in the office happily working when the door opens and a familiar face comes through the door. I can place it as alumni from the early 1990’s but name…what is the name? oh dear name…please come forth oh name….don’t laugh at me because it is more than twenty years since I last saw it.

Julius Twongyeirwe came to Daystar from Uganda and graduated in 1994. His was a vibrant class and talking to him brought back memories of how much fun those days were. That is more than two decades ago yet life has been good to him. The fire for Christ is still so evident in his life it is exciting and encouraging.

He is the founder of “The Proclamation Task” in Uganda (PT-Uganda) and serves on the twongyeirwe 1board as secretary as well as being the National Director of PT-Uganda. He also serves as a ministry overseer of the Berea Baptist Church in Kampala. Dr. Twongyeirwe is the Deputy Chair of Uganda Evangelical Missionary Agency (UEMA), and serves Word of Life–Uganda as a Board Member. Dr. Twongyeirwe and his wife Grace are parents to four children.

Julius reminded us that the reasons we came to Daystar were the realities of salvation lived out in every sector of life and work. We are called to TRANSFORM LIVES not INFORM MINDS and this is where the rubber meets the road. Are we driven by the desire to be the best we can be according to the plan and word of God or are we seeking recognition for what we own, the titles we have, our networks and perceived net worth? Do we have the right balance in our lives? Are our actions, focus and drive a quest for income or impact?

Many of the students of the early days, Daystar was a critical defining factor. In his words, “We owe our lives to Daystar and we are who we are because we came here. We were shepherded by our leaders and teachers. We were called to pray everything from the planning stages. We put our efforts into everything. When we realised we needed greater structure recommended the formation of student organisations then set up the constitutions needed to run them.”

twongyeirwe 2The focus of those years was to interact with knowledge (learn), internalise the lessons, personalise the lessons and then create an original answer or solution. This is the model that he and many others from the time have used these as a guide for their lives. Julius espouses the truth of keeping our focus on God and making Him the only source.

“We must live our lives from the mouth of the grave rather than from the womb.” This means that we consider how many days we have already lived and the value we have given first to God then to others. We must also consider how few days are left and just how much of our purpose still needs to be complete. This will give us sobriety and focus to achieve the tasks at hand with greater verve.

How do you measure your life? Do you live it considering how many more days you have and how much you have already achieved? Or do you live your life aware that only God knows how much longer you are here and how much more you have to achieve? Consider then that we are accountable to God for doing all HE set us here to do and we are accountable for the completion of the said task.

For Julius the choice to walk with God and serve Him fully did not come easy. “When my mother passed on in 1980, I struggled to understand how a loving God could allow such a painful loss. After months of trauma, a possibly helpful idea came to mind: if I convinced myself there is no God, then I would have no one to blame for my mother’s death. So I embraced atheism and sought to stamp out Christianity whenever and wherever I could. Ontwongyeirwe 3 one occasion, a group of six of us set out to disrupt an evangelistic crusade in Kampala. For clearly spiritual reasons, our plans were unsuccessful. Our group permanently disbanded that same day, and one week later (February 27, 1985) I dedicated my life to Christ.”

There is nothing impossible with God and all we have to do is tap into this level of greatness and be committed to follow through and HE will step in, guide us and lead us to HIS success.




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