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Image from www.wellbeing.com.au
Image from http://www.wellbeing.com.au

Enock Tuikong was a student in Daystar University from 1998 to 2003. Enock served as the Daystar Christian Fellowship (DCF) Chair 2002 – 2003, and touched many lives through his selfless spiritual leadership and guidance. He has continued with his selfless introduction, spread and nurturing of faith in Christ to many through the band “Chosen Generation” which he is founder, and is currently the Music Director at Braeside High.

In 2002, while still in Daystar, he was diagnosed with diabetes and received treatment for it leading to the successful management of the condition for more than twelve years. By 2010 he developed swellings on his feet which unbeknown to him was the onset of kidney failure. His attending physician didn’t explain this to him and life went on as usual. His condition took a turn for the worse later that year when his kidney function began to deteriorate. At first it stood at 80% in 2010 (Stage 1 kidney failure), but by April 2014 it had dipped to 40% (Stage 3), then down to 19% (Critical) by July 2014. It was then that he sought a second opinion from different doctor, who took him off dialysis and onto diuretic tables. The doctor also advised that it was time to seek a kidney transplant as the best option for long term healing.

The medical procedure was expensive but help came through family, friends and others.

Image from http://www.ulc.org/
Image from http://www.ulc.org/

The urgent appeal sent to family and friends and Daystar University Alumni Association were very encouraging. Daystar University also made its own contribution as an institution. It was a great out pouring of love and compassion for the Daystar community taking into consideration the fact that he had graduated over twelve years before.

enock 3The choice to go to India was made based on the access to great facilities. It was also compounded by the fact that the doctor who would have done it locally was the one he had first consulted. The transplant procedure was success and now he is on his feet and back to his active life. In an amazing twist of healing, Enock was up, walking about and working out in the gym a mere fourteen days after surgery. He is back in Kenya and has resumed work with full energy and vigour.

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity God gave me to study at Daystar because it is a very practical university with a difference. I thank God our Jehovah Rapha who has healed me. I give Him glory and honour for HE has walked with me and at time carried me through these challenging times. Indeed our God is our present help in time of need. I want thank for the Daystar community, past and present for the strong bond of love and fellowship we share that has been evident in my situation. May God continue to richly bless you!” Enock Kemboi Tuikong.

You are blessed

Kyesubire ’00


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