5 Things That Will Fire Up Your Life

Image Courtesy of www.pushtopull.com
Image Courtesy of http://www.pushtopull.com

One afternoon sitting in my office, it struck me that I had to figure out for certain what I was sent here to do. I realised also that there will be a broad underlying theme that will run the test of time. I realised that in life there are people who you know what they stand for and you will never find them doing anything very far from this line. The one thing I see when I look at people of impact is that they know why they are here and are actively pursuing.

I have also had many conversations with different people and realised that there some of us are clearer than others about this purpose thing. Purpose is the reason each of us is here. IT is the underlying driver in life. It keeps us focused and working even in the hard times. It is the greatest anchor we can have and we desperately need.

There are many definitions of purpose however, I want to share one I found particularly engaging.

P = Plan for my Passion 

The fire under my feet that keeps me moving…if I stop I will be burned

U = Understand my Uniqueness 

There is no one like me and I have something to do that I must do well. I cannot afford to do nothing. Jer 1:5

R = Resourcefulness Reflects God

I am connected to the source and I am able to make a difference by connecting to the source. John 15:5

P = Patterns of my Position 

There is a way that what I need to do has to be done. The way that works for me isn’t the same for others…I must find my way and live true to it. Ps 25:4-5

O = Obedience builds Oneness 

I can only do what I have instruction to do and nothing else. I must obey my Lord and live in obedience. Ps 86:11; Deut 5:33

S = Service gives Strength 

There are people I need to lend strength, help and support. I must serve without demand for recognition. Mk 9:35 & 10:45

E = Expression of Eternity 

My life is an expression of my heavenly Father and the eternity that is ahead. I walk in this way every day of my life to His honour and glory. Is 43:21


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