I Am The Answer

This week I read an article on Linkedin and I just had to share it here. The author is Chioma Ndukwe a good friend and fellow traveller on this road of seeking God’s grace. Here is the full article and I hope it will really hit the spot for you as it did for me.


I Am The Answer

A few years ago I found myself facing a choice.

I had observed the struggles of several small businesses, heard all sorts of woeful tales about various losses and failures and I had begun to realise that they needed help. At the time, I worked either in or with companies that had solutions to the challenges that these small businesses faced… but all of them were so focused on the bottom line that they failed to see how critical the success of small local business was – even to their own success.

It dawned on me that this growing desire to help small businesses in Africa succeed was something I needed to address, but everyone I spoke to said, “we can’t offer services for free, how will we eat? we also have bills to pay!”

And so it seemed that the answers that these businesses needed were locked away, behind doors that had the words ‘what about me?’ or ‘if I help you, what happens to me?’ written on them. Ironically, behind those doors were people complaining about diminishing market share, when the solution actually lay in supporting the growth of the very businesses they were trying to avoid helping.

So, 2012 rolls around and there I was, growing increasingly frustrated and concerned about the future of our economy and the economies in Africa and wondering what to do about it. So I said to God something along the lines of… ‘help me help these people.’ That’s all it took! He helped me see just what it was that I would be willing to do for free… and then tested my resolve.

That began a journey of letting go of a lot of things. Expectations. Relationships. What people call security. Reputation. (the list goes on)… All this in order to understand just what sacrifices the individuals who run small businesses face. I didn’t realise it at the time, but empathy and courage were being built up in me – as well as a commitment to continued for support small businesses. To the realisation of their full potential, impact. Destiny.

I learnt just what strength of character it takes to accept a work assignment without the promise of pay behind it – but this is the sacrifice I had sensed all along was required from us, if we’re to truly build up the economies we need to see in Africa. Somehow, through it all, The One Who sent me has taken care of ALL my needs. So I stand as a testimony that it is indeed possible. I stand as a witness that ‘letting go’ only leads to fulfillment, joy and satisfaction. I am richer for it.

These are the questions that I often meditate on: What is the point of all my training and experience? Is it just to serve a monetary goal? What does it all mean if it dies with me? Or if someone else’s dreams and destiny die because I wasn’t willing to do without for a little while in order for them to succeed? Or do without altogether but get ensure that someone receives the help they need to chart their path and gets there safely…?

Those who came before us fought wars against colonialism and many sacrificed their very lives for our freedom. BUT, what’s the point of such freedom if I see a brother in need of exactly what I have – but I don’t give it to him, and instead let him fail? Where do we all end up in a situation like that?

No. It will not be so for me. I AM the answer.


  • Are you the answer where you are planted or are you waiting for someone to be answer?
  • Are you doing all you can do to make the lives of God’s children work to the max?
  • Are you focused on God’s plan for you and not what you would like to have?

I’m readjusting my sails as I post this because I had lost sight of the goal because of the challenges life had thrown at me. I Am The Answer…Are you?


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