The Unexpected is the Place of Catapult

Every so often you read something that resonates and it is just right to share…today’s post is one of those…


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Anaheim CA Image courtesy of Roslynn Pryor


By Lana Vawser

I saw many of God’s people seeking out the Lord’s heart as they found themselves in places of decisions. Decisions needing to be made. Confusion started to surround many of God’s people because they were feeling a “tug of peace” towards something that is completely unexpected. Many were feeling a battle start to rage between the peace that was tugging at their heart, but their mind that was trying to ‘work out’ the ‘logistics’ and try to ‘understand’ how this ‘unexpected way’ would play out.

As many of God’s people were struggling with this mind and heart battle, I saw confusion begin to swirl around them like a whirlwind and as long as the whirlwind of confusion was being ‘focused upon’ their wings were being clipped.

I felt the Lord saying that “PLACES OF CATAPULT and DIVINE SURPRISES are coming to the people of God wrapped in UNEXPECTED packages.”

As the people of God followed the prompting of God not only were their wings strengthened, they had moved to a place of significant catapult. A lot of these ‘unexpected ways’ were not the ‘normal way’ or wisdom of the world, but it was the wisdom of God. The Lord is using these unexpected packages to bring the people to a deeper level of trust in Him, but also positioning them for MORE than they were asking or crying out for. As the people of God moved forward in trust into these unexpected places and ways, I saw their hearts begin to bloom bigger than before. Hearts desires were being fulfilled in WAYS they did not EXPECT but these unexpected ways was actually leading them to a place of greater upgrade and harvest.

These were divine surprises in unexpected packages and ways that are going to catapult the people of God into greater levels of favour and increase than they dreamed of.

I want to encourage you today in your decision making, follow the prompting of the Lord. Follow the tug of peace even if you do not understand, for there are divine surprises of DESTINY before you in EXPECTED PACKAGES and UNEXPECTED WAYS. The Lord is teaching His people at deeper levels HIS GLORIOUS WAYS!!!!

A deeper root of trust in Him and His goodness is being grown in your heart, and leading you to a place of greater abundant provision, increase, upgrade, breakthrough and favour. Take a deep breath and hold His hand. He knows what He is doing, and He is working for your good.

This divine surprise is actually opening up doors to your destiny and ALL the Glory will go to HIM, as His handprint of love will be SO EVIDENT all over it as the WAY was SO unexpected.


Hold onto the word that God has spoken over your life and it shall surely come to pass


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