Class of ’96 Signs MOU with Daystar

Rev. Prof. James Kombo, Acting Vice Chancellor & DVC Academic Affairs (centre) with the two beneficiary students Shamim Bilha (far right) and Wonder Mwadzichema (far leftt), together with their sponsors, Class of ‘96, represented by Ms. Catherine Butaki (second left), and Mr. George Menge (second right).

During the Daystar University 2016 graduation, the class of ‘96 marked 20 years since they graduated from Daystar University. The class marked the milestone by sponsoring two students; a lady and gentleman who are already enrolled in the University. This is in celebration of God’s faithfulness and also in line with the Vision of Servant -leadership.

The actual signing

On Friday, 30th September the class of ’96, represented by Mr. George Menge and Ms Catherine Butaki signed an MOU with Daystar University; represented by DVC Academic Affairs Prof. James Kombo, stating that the Alumni Class of ’96 will provide sponsorship opportunities to students with excellent academic performance from needy background.

The scholarship will be given annually. As a call to action, to be emulated by all other 37 graduated classes, Class of ‘96 have committed to walk with and mentor Shamim Bilha and Wonder Mwadzichema, as the first two privileged students to receive the sponsorship. Mr. Menge supported by Ms. Butaki encouraged the two to continue in their academic excellence but not to forget that they too are pioneers of this initiative and that they will have to carry on in the same spirit of giving back to the needy at Daystar.

Exchange of the Document (MoU)

Rev. Prof. Kombo reminisced with the alumni on their early days at Daystar and how the struggles they went through molded them into a unique group who do not take servant-leadership for granted.

In conclusion he greatly appreciated the Class of ’96 for their heart of service and wished the two students all the best in their studies and future endeavors.

Call for Action: The rest of the classes let’s emulate the good work that the class of 1996 is doing.


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