The ‘Jonah’ Experience

You are in this traffic that seems not to move even an inch. You stay there until you are tired and decided to opt out of the bus and start walking. Barely two steps away and the road opens up as though there was no traffic before. This is like an hour since you waited.... Continue Reading →

A Leader with the White Hat

A Leader with the White Hat There was once a man, who rode close to a battlefield past a small group of war-wearied soldiers, digging an almost impossible but obviously important defensive position. From a distance, the man heard, bone-rattling coughs from the exhausted soldiers who relentlessly tore at the ground to make way for... Continue Reading →


A story is told of a man, let’s call him Enoch, he was jogging early one morning and he noticed someone about half a kilometer ahead. Enoch could tell he was running a little slower than him and he thought, well, I will try to catch him. He had about a Kilometer before he needed... Continue Reading →

It’s our Window not their Clothes

A story is told of a young couple who moved into a new neighborhood. The next morning as they were seated in the dining table having breakfast, the young woman looked through the window and saw her neighbor hanging her laundry outside.“That laundry is not clean, “she whispered to her husband. “She doesn't know how... Continue Reading →

Daystar University Alumni Master Card

Daystar University Alumni Association (DUAA) is an association for those who graduate from Daystar University, The Alumni. To be a member, an alumnus is required to register by paying a membership fee and is issued with a Daystar Alumni Master Card. The DUAA Master Card is available for all alumni once the annual membership fee... Continue Reading →

Enter Your Promised Land

In Joshua 5: 6NIV, the Bible says Israelites had moved about in the wilderness forty years until all the men who were of military age when they left Egypt had died, since they had not obeyed the LORD. For the LORD had sworn to them that they would not see the land he had solemnly... Continue Reading →

How Great Thou Art

Today I want to share with you the history of a hymn that has had a great impact in my life. I used to fear death until when I heard of this song especially the last stanza… that when I die in Christ, it is home (not a strange place) that I will go to….... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness is Possible

  How often do we hold grudges for the many hurts in our lives each day? There is another way to walk through life: Forgiving.   Forgiveness is life changing it frees us from a prison of annoyance, bitterness, and even hate. Let me share these lyrics I read on Forgiveness Forgiveness It’s the hardest... Continue Reading →

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