Dr. Masso joined Daystar in August 1998. He has served in many capacities at Daystar university. He was the senior Lecturer in Physics. He left a mark in the Alumni Association as he led the interim alumni leadership team to develop structures to resurrect the Association 4 years ago. The Alumni fraternity will remember him for providing... Continue Reading →



I came across this story and thought I should share…. A young lady sat in public transport: an old grumpy lady came and sat by her as she bumped into her with her numerous bags. The other neighbor got upset, asking the young lady why she did not protest and insist on her rights: she... Continue Reading →


I got this week's post from a colleague and it amazed me……Read on. An old King who had no biological son realized that if he died he had no one to take over his throne so he decided to adopt a son. Full of wisdom, the king launched a competition and 10 boys were selected.... Continue Reading →


I came across this and felt I should share. I have passed it through the triple filter……. In ancient Greece, Socrates (the famous philosopher) was visited by an acquaintance of his. Eager to share some juicy gossip, the man asked if Socrates would like to know the story he’d just heard about a friend of theirs.... Continue Reading →

Class of ’96 Signs MOU with Daystar

During the Daystar University 2016 graduation, the class of ‘96 marked 20 years since they graduated from Daystar University. The class marked the milestone by sponsoring two students; a lady and gentleman who are already enrolled in the University. This is in celebration of God’s faithfulness and also in line with the Vision of Servant... Continue Reading →

Don’t React to Life, Respond

A beautiful speech by Sundar Pichai - an IIT-MIT Alumnus and Global Head Google Chrome: The cockroach theory for self-development At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. She started screaming out of fear. With a panic stricken face and trembling voice, she started jumping, with both her hands... Continue Reading →

Beware of Compromise

Have you ever heard the story of the fellow who could not decide what side he wanted to fight for during the Civil War? He decided to put on the coat of the North and the trousers of the South, and guess what? He got shot at from both sides! I would want to believe... Continue Reading →

The ‘Jonah’ Experience

You are in this traffic that seems not to move even an inch. You stay there until you are tired and decided to opt out of the bus and start walking. Barely two steps away and the road opens up as though there was no traffic before. This is like an hour since you waited.... Continue Reading →

A Leader with the White Hat

A Leader with the White Hat There was once a man, who rode close to a battlefield past a small group of war-wearied soldiers, digging an almost impossible but obviously important defensive position. From a distance, the man heard, bone-rattling coughs from the exhausted soldiers who relentlessly tore at the ground to make way for... Continue Reading →

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