On 28th Feb 2007, I woke up with a strange feeling, a craving to go to church after living in the world of rebellion for 6 years. While walking from Kariobangi South, the Kenya Assemblies of God (KAG) Buru Buru sign told me I was home. I walked in when the worship session was on... Continue Reading →

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Daystar University Alumni AWARDS 2019

Daystar University Alumni Association (DUAA) recognizes its outstanding alumni in different sectors annually. The awards are presented during the graduation dinner.  At the core of the Awards is the choice to appreciate the alumni who are taking the charge to be servant leaders and changing the world around them as they shine like the stars... Continue Reading →

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A Beacon of Light

This year Christmas came early. On December 20th 2019, Prof Stephen Talitwala finally joined the ranks of Daystar University Alumni after twenty-five years of service and leadership in Daystar. The Daystar School of Law awarded him an Honorary Degree of Law in recognition of his diligent and dedicated service to the East African Community and... Continue Reading →


As life expectancy in Kenya and around the world  improves, the number of older people who find themselves alone and lonely in their later years has gone up. At the same time the number of young people has increased with more than sixty percent of the population being under thirty five years of age. Even... Continue Reading →


Daystar University Alumni Association (DUAA) prides itself in chapters because they are the engine of the association. Chapters are sub-groups of alumni association formed based on the geographical location, area of interest or year of graduation and must advance the vision, mission, values, and functions of DUAA and Daystar University. Apart from the Coast chapter,... Continue Reading →

Find Time and Refill

There is a striking question that a child asked the mother Child: Mom does a tanker that carries petrol need to buy petrol for itself?” A “Yes “or “No” answer would have satisfied this curiosity. But, the child got more! Mother: “Is it not a car?” “A tanker does everything a car does?” she responded.... Continue Reading →


I recall when I first Joined Daystar at the Valley Road campus. We lived where the Baptist church stands and Athi River was under construction. We had the residences in Ngumo estate. On my first visit to Daystar Athi campus, I was shown the Men’s Hostel. I remember relating it to the distance we walked from... Continue Reading →

For God and for Humanity

One night 15 years ago, I experienced what I can only refer to as the most terrifying moments in my life. I was stationed in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and fresh out of college. Sierra Leone was just emerging from years of civil war and strife. “Are you sure you want to go there?” I kept... Continue Reading →


In August 1992, I joined the Pre-University class at Daystar University. We were a lively bunch of young adults and we met in the current computer lab at the Valley Road Campus. In 1993 we moved to Athi River Campus as sophomores and the second pioneer class there. However, my life at Daystar started back... Continue Reading →

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